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We built workspaces for digital creators

Roan Creator studio is a co-working office in Roan Mountain, TN built especially for online creators that want to record courses, host live zoom meetings, or simply work in an office with BLAZING wifi


Why Choose Us?

Our Creator Spaces are available when you need them.

Image of office layout

Daily Desk

Come in, choose a seat, and tackle your todo list in our quiet and comfortable office. We're quieter than the coffee shop and more comfortable than the library.

flex desk space & office chair
access to printer and copier
blazing fast wifi access
$19.99/day or $199/mo
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Dedicated Desk

Dedicated desks come with all the perks of a a home office without the distraction and noise. Our dedicated desk members are by application only, we look forward to meeting you and introducing you to our group of entrepreneurs.

premium standing desk & office chair
dedicated space with whiteboard
24/7 access with individual key code
access to printer and copier
Gigabit internet access
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picture of what the dedicated desk area looks like
image of video studio with 4 backgrounds, desk and lighting

Youtube Recording Studio

This studio is a premium workspace built for creating and recording quality digital training videos and presentations.

premium desk & office chair
enclosed office with sound panels
4 background options including a green screen
1 professional mic on flex arm
2 camera stands to record multiple angles
professional lighting equipment
hourly and daily reservations available
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Happy Customers

Don't take our word for it. See what customers are saying about us.

I have really enjoyed being a part of this co-working space. Not only does RCS provide an extremely clean and organized space to work, but it also serves as a wonderful way to network with other professionals
I was visiting from Scotland and our cabin had crawling internet. This place is definitely one of the hidden gems in the area. The wifi was fast. and the work space was great. Met a couple of the members, they are an inspiring & passionate bunch. Make sure to check this space out.
Picture of the owners and their family

What Makes Us Different?

We're creators just like you!

Creator Studio

We create online courses and needed an office with reliable internet for hosting online workshops

Dedicated Desks

When you're an entrepreneur it's hard to separate work and home life. We built the studio to give that line more definition in our lives

Blazing Internet

Our mountain cabin is in signal dead zone. Without our land line (yes, they still have those) we'd have no connection to the outside world. We built this space to have a place to focus and work with reliable internet

Building Community

We've built multiple internet businesses over the last 10 years. Our goal with RoanCreatorStudio is to curate a space dedicated to helping entrepreneurs learn from each other.

Our Pricing

We offer great prices, premium workspace and quality service for your business.


Daily Desk

Flex desk space
Printer Access
Blazing Fast Wifi
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Dedicated Desk

Premium Standing Desk
Dedicated Workspace
24/7 access
Printing & Scanning
Gigabit internet
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Youtube Studio

Premium Workspace
4 Background options
Mic on flex arm
2 camera stands
Lighting equipment
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Can I cancel my membership?

There are no contracts, we kindly as for 30 day notice if you're on a month to month subscription so that we can open the opportunity up to others on the waitlist.

How can I manage my account?

Simply send an email to with any changes you need made.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Online payments accept most major credit cards. If you are having issues checking out online please email us

Is my credit card information secure?

All credit card payments are processed using stripe secure checkout. You will be directed to their site for check out and will return to our confirmation page when finished.